10 Ethical Principles for a Hospitality Manager

Ethical Principles for a Hospitality Manager

The industry that is hospitality happens to be a very competitive one and when customers are not happy at one place, they will gladly move to another place. Customers love feeling valued and appreciated and every little thing that dissatisfies them can make them leave without a second thought.

The following are some of the principles that a good hospitality manager should observe:

#1 Honesty

People around the world appreciate honesty and to become a successful hospitality manager, you have to be honest and truthful in all your dealings. Do not deceive or mislead your visitors with false representations of the actual happenings. Visitors appreciate truthful representation of the cost of accommodation without any hidden charges.

#2 Integrity

A good hospitality manager must demonstrate integrity in everything they do. They have to be courageous enough to stand their ground even if there is pressure to do otherwise. They have to be led by their own conviction to do the right thing always.

#3 Trustworthy

To be in the hospitality industry means that people trust you with their life and property. Hospitality managers must therefore not destroy the trust that visitors seeking accommodation bestow on them. In case they go wrong, a good manager will not give excuses to justify their behavior instead they will apologize and give a commitment to correct the mistake; the only way to bestow the broken trust.

#4 Loyalty

A loyal manager in the hospitality industry will demonstrate loyalty to themselves, their company and visitors through devotion to work. A good manager will avoid conflict and in case of any, they will resolve it amicably. They will not disclose any confidential information in their possession and have respect for the work they do.

#5 Fairness

A good hospitality manager is fair and diligent in all their undertakings. They rarely have conflicts of interest and do not abuse the powers bestowed on them. They treat everyone working under them equally, and treat their visitors equally too. They are usually open-minded and tolerant. They easily accept and appreciate diversity knowing well that people have from different backgrounds.

10 Ethical Principles for a Hospitality Manager

#6 Respect

Respect is the golden rule that these managers go by. They are concerned, respectful, kind and compassionate. They are sensitive enough to know when and how to speak and when not to speak. They always have respect for people’s opinions, especially those who have a stake in the decision-making process.

#7 Commitment

A good manager is always committed to excellence at all times. They pursue excellence like their life depends on it and are usually willing to put in more effort in their job as that is where they derive their satisfaction.

#8 Leadership

A good manager must walk the talk and lead the rest by example. They are usually aware of the responsibility that rests on their shoulders and therefore do their best to achieve all the goals that come with the position.

#9 Good reputation

A good manager often seeks to build, protect and maintain the image and reputation of the company. They do this by engaging in conduct that bring him respect and builds the morale of other workers. They always take responsibility for their actions and try to prevent misconduct at all costs.

#10 Accountability

Above all else, a good manager in the hospitality industry is usually accountable for their decisions and behaviors as well as those of their subordinates.

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